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Hi, I'm Pallab Kakoti. Good to have to here!

Pallab Kakoti's Bio:

Pallab Kakoti // #plbkkt Social media marketer with a strong emphasis on site audit, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization & email marketing. Content curator & hashtag marketing expertise, my current role includes social profile moderation across various social networking channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, OverBlog, Google, WordPress, etc. Work on social mentions are available by following hashtags like #HashtagMarketing, #HashtagURLs, #blogs4bytes, #Hshdsh across Twitter, Google+, Facebook & Tumblr. Experience with responsive site design including email, parallax search engine optimized landing pages, parallax campaigns with themed storytelling driven by hashtag marketing across native advertising formats. Create storytelling campaigns from inception to optimize marketing design, social campaigning, Social Selling, & Conversion analysis. Lead real time campaign monitoring to formulate efficient audience targeting designs by using social media tools for user behavioural profiling. Create visually rich storytelling campaigns branded hashtag topics in the content copy that are sponsored via native advertising unobtrusive in nature. My strengths are in my ability to conceive and implement strategic digital marketing plans to identify new market opportunities, product & services introductions, negotiate strategic partnerships in order to drive market expansion. #plbkkt via #hshdsh

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native, UI, UX, CX, #hshdsh, #plbkkt, content curator, social media marketing, responsive email, inbox placement

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